Monday, February 9, 2009

no longer v.p. of the ladies group

Sunday was a day in which the women's group from our church held elections for officers at the time I was voted out as vice-president.I have to admit it is a little hard on the old moral but St. Francis said "you should never look to be put into a position of authority, but accept it when given and always be ready to step down when asked."We are not put here to be in authority position we are meant to be servants.So with this i wish the new President and Vice President well in their position and i must say it is a relief to be "free" again.
Although Laura (who was the president)and I did our best while in office,always trying to back the priest and help him to put the churches best foot forward.I feel
this was Gods way of saying move on and try something else.
I personally am looking forward to doing more charitable work and less worrying about how to make money and please every ones needs.Freedom is a wonderful thing and the horizon seems wide open.
To me a real church is about giving and helping those in need not spending more time worrying about how to make and keep money.
While at work today I was talking with one of my aides,he told me they are a new church in the process of buying a building in Webster Mass. They go out into Worcester and help the poor street people he told me that any time our church would like to do some charity work they would like our help.So when God closes a door he opens a window and this may be a step toward where we want to be as charitable giving group.

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