Tuesday, February 10, 2009

new test-find out babys sex in your 7th week gestation

Today while listening to the news it was announced that a lab as come up with a test called "blue or pink" this test can be taken at 7 weeks of pregnancy and will tell if you are having a boy or girl.
Back when I had my son the doctors would only do sonograms on you if you were a high risk pregnancy. At that time the pictures were pretty scratchy and you had a 50/50 chance of them being able to tell you the sex of the baby. Now days every one has these test done and they know in advance what sex the baby is.
The surprise is gone and that's sad.The joy of giving birth back in the early eighty's was finding out, at birth, what the sex of the baby was,like a double surprise.Well no more we live in a world that needs to know what the sex of the baby is "right now" no such thing as happy surprises everything as to be known right away.
This new test bothers me.Is it really necessary to know at 7 weeks what the sex of the baby is? what if its not the sex you want? do you abort it.What will they do in other countries like China when they get a test like this? there your allowed only one baby and everyone wants a boy.
This lab says they will not allow their kits to be sent to China or India.OK but for how long? and why does this company think China and India will not figure out how to make their own kits or get them through a third party?
When I was in nursing school one of my instructors said "every test you take when pregnant puts you in the position of having to make a decisions when the results come in,and are you willing to make those decisions".
This kit to me is unnecessary and I can not understand what this great need to verify the sex of your baby is.We live in a country were being a woman is just as important as being a man but not every country or every religion has our mind set.What will China and India do when all they have is men? who will give birth to more children?will they be created in labs? Do we have the right to make this choice? are we putting our selves on God's level? This scares me.does it scare you?

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Laura said...

No, it doesn't scare me. Its a sales tactic. Just another company capitolizing on excitement! Don't you know you can know the sex of you baby in "just" seven days! They may not do to well in this market if the price is to great.