Thursday, February 12, 2009

Happy 200th Birthday Abe

I couldn't let this day go by with out taking a moment to say happy 200th birthday Abraham Lincoln.
President Lincoln was our 16th president and led this country through our four bloodiest years,the civil war.We as a country lost more soldier during this war then where lost in all the wars we've fought to this present day.
Who does not know the story of this man's life even 200 years later.He was born in a log cabin in Kentucky,self educated, he became a circuit court lawyer and at a young age felt slavery was wrong.
He married,had 4 sons,two sons died while still children,one died at 18 years of age and one,Robert, made it to be a married man with several daughters.
Lincoln was the first Republican president and had an open door policy to his presidential office allowing any one off the streets come in and speak to him.
During the civil war he educated himself on war strategy and helped run the war from the telegraph office making him not only a leader but truly a commander in chief.
After his re-election he did all he could to get the united states united again.He was assassinated at Fords theater during the play "Our American Cousin"he died on good Friday and was called the great emancipator.
True his presidency was not perfect and if he could have ended the civil war and kept slavery he would have gone along with that in order to save the union.
We are a fortunate country we always seem to have the right president for the right time.
So once again happy birthday Abe,you were a good man and did the best you could to keep us united as a country,even during our greatest division. Lincoln said "A house divided can not stand alone ".
God bless you Abraham Lincoln and may you rest in peace,the peace you are entitled to" and may your memory be eternal.

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