Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Stand Up America And Be Heard

It seems in the past several days I have read on blog post and heard many people complain about President Obama and his signing of the bill that allows other countries planned parenthood to be supported for abortions.Now I have to ask one question of all the people who are complaining about this passage,me included, how many of us have sat down and written the president a letter about our disappointment of this event?
You know the majority is allows silent when things like this happen people are upset and outraged but always silent to the leadership.
Maybe its because we feel no one will listen to our complaints but how do you know if you don't take the time to voice what is upsetting you, saying nothing is a sign of defeat before you've even started. We have representatives who are suppose to represent us and should be called to task when they do not.Why do people vote the same officals in when they will not do the job we want them to?
When Bill Clinton got into his first year, of his eight year term I sent him a letter about his idea of universal health care I expressed my views about how catastrophic health care needs should be addressed first then later when this planned worked move on to universal health care. Because if you end up with cancer,heart disease or a stroke it is a bigger financial burden on the family then just paying for an office visit for a cold.
Do you know that he sent me a typed letter with his signature on it and although we did not agree I knew that some one heard me.
The other day one of the priest on EWTN said he was very upset with the lack of news coverage about the abortion march,not one station carried any of it or even mentioned it.Why you ask? Because the media covers what they want and that was Obamas' first week in office.Now I ask where is the out rage? Why did the media stations not get flooded with letters,phone calls and emails showing peoples disapproval for not doing their job and being balanced.All I can say is speak up,who cares if no one reads your letters or emails let them know your out there and you will be heard.Stop being the silent majority and show your disapproval.
Rome was a great country but became fat and lazy.They lost their money and their military.They spent all their time being entertained,watching games and feeling entitled.You know what happened to them? They fell and so will we if we don't start getting our morals and values out there.Stand up America be heard or become Rome a great has been nation.

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