Saturday, February 21, 2009

new gas tax in mass.

Today the gov.of mass.said he wants to raise the gas tax by 19 cents a gallon, making mass.the second highest gas tax in the country,right after new york,it was supose to be 20 cents but he's giving his state a break. thanks gov.duval.
I am i the only one who as noticed that people in New England are losing their jobs and houses?
President Obama said today that companies need to start taking less taxes out of wages and its estimated a family will get to keep about $65 a month.I know why don't the residents of mass. just have the money sent to duval patrick and he won't have to raise gas taxes.I mean its headed to him anyways why make the gas station the third person in this.
Personally I'm tired of all these new games to raise money.Our fore fathers threw tea in Boston Harbor we won't even stand up and say stop,your killing our state.
Anyways this whole country is a mess and the goverment is trying to turn us all into welfare recipients.There really is no reason to work hard and get ahead because once you get ahead even a little they tax you to death.
Some govenors have said they will not take the stimulius package because it would cause them to answer to the goverment.Good for them! but you will never see it happen in my state of conn.because they always have their hands out looking for free money.This way when they have new projects they can tell us how it wont cost us a thing because the goverment is paying for it.When ever the someone tells me some thing wont cost me a thing I know I'm in big trouble from step one.
I can't wait to see how this country will look in 4 years.I am hoping for hope.Lets see what happens.

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