Thursday, February 12, 2009

Odd Day

yesterday had all the earmarks of a crazy day.first not only did i over sleep but i was going to give some one a ride to work,I called her and we ended up being 15minutes late.My day was super busy and i ended up leaving at 4:15pm, to top it all off i had a fever all day at work and felt like i was sweating buckets.
I can not tell you how happy i was to go home all i could think about was taking some cold medicine and laying on the couch.
I decided to take the back road from Webster to rte 12. On my way I saw a dark blue older car with Conn. plates talking to someone in a black van.when they saw my car coming the van drove across the street and half way up a driveway and the car,with a rather large man sitting in the drivers seat,stayed where it was.Thinking this seemed odd,since the van didn't seem to drive all the way up the driveway like he lived there but more like he was turning around,stayed until I passed.
Not paying attention to what was behind me and thinking about my couch and how close i was to it,I made a right turn unto a street when suddenly the dark blue car drove next to me then went speeding by me.I said to myself "what a jerk" and continued my drive home.
Soon the main road toward my street was in sight and who passed me again but my friend in the dark blue car.once again he pulled next to me and sped past.Thinking "now this is odd".I went down my street got out of my car and who should be turning around at the beginning of my road. Mr. Blue car who sped away.
I went into the house took some medicine and when my husband got home I told him what happened he said "now he knows where you live".
He told me I should have gone to the town hall and had someone go out and get his plate number. Which of course he was right and if I had not felt so out of it I probably would have thought of this.
This morning I got up still feeling none to good and decided to go to the Danielson state police barracks to tell my story.First they wanted me to go to the Webster,mass. station and tell them but I assured them this started in Conn.After I told my tale the officer asked me if I saw the plate,I said yes it was a Conn.plate but i had not see the numbers.He said "Lady do you know how many cars there are in this state and exactly what do you want us to do about this?"To which I said "Look I'm trying to make you aware of something,Doesn't it seem odd that these to vehicles split up when I drove by and doesn't it seem strange that this person decided to follow me home when all these two guys were doing was talking to each other?" at which point he decided to start writing my story down.Before I left I told him I would keep my eyes out for this car and if I saw it again I would get the plate number and call the police.
Oh well so much for police security for the innocent,Conn. finest you got to love it.
You know Harry Truman once said "I spend all day trying to convince people to do the jobs they were hired to do".I know how Harry felt, many is the days I feel the same way.

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