Tuesday, February 17, 2009


have you ever thought about change? the changes in your life ,job or family.Have these changes been things you've had control over or things that were thrust upon you?
Most people are afraid of change and the more they try to grasp on tight the more they lose in the end, it all just slips through their fingers.But when you think about it what have you lost? money,power,glory,real estate,stocks,bonds.
Most material things that we lose we find out in the end were not all that important to us for a successful life, we can live with out them.This is a materialistic society if we don't hold it in our hands or see it on a piece of paper we feel it is not tangible to us.
Last year many churches folded because of lack of attendees and money all these people felt they had to fight as hard as they could to hold on to their churches but in the end it was taken away and though they all thought they would not survive this upset they did,for better or worse.
Yes their lives changed and change is never comfortable, but they have moved on.
Ask your self what exactly does a church mean to me? Is it a place of worship,the house of God, a meditative spiritual place,A warm comfy place to meet and be with friends and relatives,some place we go to once a week,that our parents brought us to that have a familiarity and reminder of our childhood long past.
If an earthquake or fire happened and our church was destroyed would our faith be also?
We as Christians must understand that we go to church to worship God not to worship our selves.The importance of worship allows us to have an understanding that faith is all around us.The first Christians prayed in catacombs if they were not willing to change and bring their worship forward we would still be praying with the dead, having agape meals on Saturday after temple.
Jesus came to this earth for change he wanted people to understand what religion was about to get to the core of faith to be fluid and that does not require a church.In the years Jesus walked the earth,even though he was a carpenter,he never built a church,he taught in peoples homes,on mountain sides,on the shores,in boats and fields.He understood that it was more important to bring his teachings to the people then to erect buildings.
They say that two things happen that do not allow for people to make needed changes.. one is fear and the other is greed..and neither fit with religion.
Ownership is not what religion is about its about bringing the word forward to all people.Not erecting and constructing churches and temples.When the building becomes more important then the reason for being in there,then we have greatly missed the mark.

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