Wednesday, November 12, 2008

new dating service

What are we coming to?
this morning while at the hairdressers i had some time to kill so i decided to read an article in a Boston paper.It said that a new dating service will be doing commercials on 2 Boston sports stations.what you say is wrong with this? aren't there many stations that allow such advertisement on their stations? well yes but this company is not catering to the singles of the world this service is for people who are married and want to cheat on their spouses, nice huh!
i am not stupid i know that these services are out there on the Internet and i also know that any one who wants to cheat can find these web sites.what bothers me is the fact that any radio station would be so hard up for advertising dollars that they need to air this kind of garbage.
first these stations are sports which many people listen to on their car radio and may have children present at the time, next why is a radio station promoting such things has cheating on your spouse.
in this world were its very hard to keep marriages together why are we promoting cheating instead of family unity and values. have we lost our moral sense of direction?
i don't believe that any one should be pushed into marriage, you should be mature enough to work on your commitment.if you are unhappy cheating is not going to help you. you need to find out why your unhappy talk to each other, get counseling or maybe you need to call it quits. but no matter how you look at it you don't need to be sleeping with strange people who may bring the potential of emotional and physical disease into your already fragile relationship.
people who cheat do not see far enough ahead to understand the devastation they bring to their relationship when their spouse finds out. children are affected and so are out side family and friends. cheating is not just a fling,it does not add excitement to the mix and it certainly does not fulfill your needs in the real world.
this article went on to say that of the people who subscribe to this company 70% are men and 30% are women. they are between the ages of 28 to 40 and have been in their
married relationships for 5 or more years.
we have a problem in this country we no longer feel marriage is a commitment for the long haul if we tire we divorce or worse yet cheat.we need to start reinforcing the importance of long term commitment in our churches and let people know that what they have at home most of the time,is more important then the excitement of a fling that may ruin not only their lives but their children's lives for many years to come.

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