Tuesday, November 4, 2008

to the right

after getting up this morning, having breakfast then getting dressed i decided it was time to go vote.entering the parking lot on the "right" side i decided it was time to go into the polling place and do the "right" thing and vote.at this point i took my ballot paper and went to the booth on the "right" picked who i thought to be the "right" candidates then brought my ballot and put it in the machine with my "right" hand. i went out the door to the "right" entered my car and decided it was a good time to go shopping and wait for the polls to tell me tonight if i had voted for the "right" man to take on this great job. well even if my candidate does not win i know in the end i have done the "right" thing.
from a conservative republican living in a democratic state i have the need to go to the "right" when ever i can.

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