Saturday, November 22, 2008

acts of charity

what are acts of charity? many of us believe that large groups who raise money then help third world people are what charity is all about. but I'm willing to bet every day we all see at least one act of charity and do not even realize it.
charity doesn't just run on a grand scale it runs on the every day, the collection of used coats and the secret Santa we do were i work, the person ringing the bell by the kettle for the salvation army in the cold December air,toys for tots done by the marines, the giving up of what we have to another person with no thought at all that we are doing it. I've seen my aides share their lunches with patients when they have something a patient may be asking for in their lunch bags or go out at break time and buy the patients things they may want like a donut, coffee, hamburger,lottery tickets, chocolate, nice smelling shampoo, soaps and make up then not asking for money for these purchases.
people think these are little acts and maybe they are but how large they truly are to the receiver.
when it comes down to it these acts are probably more meaningful then all the money we could throw at charities. these actions are done with nothing more in mind then kindness. its whats written in the bible when it says "you should give so one hand does not know what the other hand is doing".this is a special gift an act so greatly regarded by Jesus that he speaks about them in the beatitudes.what so ever you do to the least of my brothers you do it for me.
i always say their are two kinds of people in the medical profession those who are there to collect a pay check and those who are there because they care about other people and the dignity they can pass on to those around them. God bless the second group because they are what charity is all about.

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