Tuesday, November 25, 2008


do you ever wonder why you pick the friends you do? do we pick people like us or are different from us?
i have many friends,i tend to call most people i meet and get to know a friend but i have only a few very close friends.it seems the people i pick to be my close friends have similar beliefs and help fulfill the qualities i admire but do not have.
for me people who are movers who are not afraid to step forward to correct problems, make decisions and follow through on plans are some of my closest friends because stagnation is very difficult for me.
many times when i think of the apostles i think of how different their personalities were from each other.when Jesus sent them out into the world he sent them by pairs i think he did this to fill each of their voids what one did not have in personality or strenght they other did giving a united force.
i do not believe God made us to be solitary beings,no man is an island, he wants us to be co-depend on each other strenghten and care for each other.
mother Theresa said we are all interconnected like parts of a watch.if you open a awatch you will see wires and springs and expensive and cheap parts but they all work together to make the watch run.
we meet the people in this life that God feels will help fulfill not only our needs but also his plans.through this unity we are allowed a more complete self with a clearer vision and a united front with the added benifet of feeling the love and kindness of another person who shares our lives and truely cares about us.


Walt Trachim said...

Great post, Linda.

Funny thing about friends is that sometimes you find them in the most unlikely places. It also seems that often times we don't "pick" them - they make their way into our lives in the most unusual circumstances. And I think it's true that where most times it's easy to make friends and develop the relationships that go along with it, the closest friendships (at least for me) are with the people I've known the longest or they are with those whom I've shared extraordinary experiences with.

You've been given a wonderful gift: that of insight. Thank you for sharing it.

linda said...

thank you for telling me about my gift of insight its always good to hear people point things out we may not be aware of.