Friday, November 14, 2008

Christmas Music

Do you hear what i hear? Do you hear what i hear? this morning at 6am when my clock radio went off i got serenaded by Christmas music,give me a brake I'm still trying to figure out if my sister and her family are coming here for Thanksgiving or if were going to her house.
the stores have had Christmas things out since before Halloween and the day after started to sneak every thing to the front of the store in the hopes that we will start to buy Christmas gifts.
i must admit although i do stop and look at what they have out i am still not ready to buy anything that has to do with Christmas quite yet,all this pushing makes me dislike how commercialized the holiday has become and how the fun is just gone out of the season.even the TV. stations are starting to air Christmas commercials.
Once again let me just say can we please get through Thanksgiving. i happen to like this holiday, not just because i was born on it but because we take an entire day to be thankful and enjoy our family it is what a holiday is suppose to be about.we eat together and expect nothing from each other but the enjoyment of conversation and maybe some football which we all gather and watch together.its hard to be angry when your full of turkey, pie,Macy's parade and football.
We are very fortunate in my house we have a great deal to be truly thankful for.We have a house,job,heat,food, family and friends and they are all there for us when we are in need. we don't live in our car,are not digging out of a dumpster for food and do not have to beg for money or change. we are not addicted to drugs,alcohol or gambling,are not in prison or have untreated mental illness.
most of all we have our health,our church family and a belief in God that when things do happen to us we always have a helping hand. so lets take the time to be thankful and celebrate Thanksgiving, Christmas will be here soon enough so why rush the
seasons lets take them one at a time and really live them because with Gods blessing mabe we'll be here to celebrate next year.

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