Thursday, November 27, 2008

happy thanksgiving

well another thanksgiving down and i must admit it turned out rather nice.i was lucky this year i had most of this week off and do not return back to work until Friday. this gave me plenty of time to do some real cleaning in my house now when i get ready for Christmas,in a few weeks, my house is pretty clean and mostly organized,its never really all that organized here.what are you going to do my family truly likes to live in our mother used to say "did people come to visit my house or the people living in it,if they've come to visit the house they will be sadly disappointed".
my sister,her husband and son came today we had plenty of food between what i made and what she brought we did alright.its good that we still get together when my parents were alive we had thanksgiving at my parents house,they had the bigger home after they passed away,9 months apart form each other my sister and i decided that it was important we remain together and try to celebrate the holidays even if we celebrate on a different day,she and i both work in health care and work every other holiday lucky for us we work the same holidays so Christmas will be celebrate on the Saturday after the holiday instead of Chistmas me its not the holiday its the ablity to spend it with your family no matter what day you pick.

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