Sunday, November 30, 2008

suicide in a church

today while i was at coffee hour one of the people sitting next to me said that someone had gone into the Catholic church she attends and shot him self in the head in the sanctuary.
how sad it must be to feel so helpless that all you have left to control in your life is your death.
many people can not understand how any one could do such a thing has take their own life.people who do these things are not in their right mind they are mentally ill and unable to see the light at the end of the tunnel. most of these people feel even their family will not miss them,but how wrong they are.
i thought after my friend told me this story what if the priest or someone had walked in at the time before he shot him self maybe that one special word someone had said to him might have changed this whole situation.
we in life never know how helpful we can be by just saying hello how are you today, this may not have made a difference but may be it could have.
one of my favorite movies used to be "its a wonderful life". this movie showed the lead actor what would have happened to all the people in his life if he had not been born.strange how little we understand how important our words and actions are because we are not on the receiving end. a little sentence which we may not think much of could mean the difference of someone wanting to go on with their lives or not.

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