Thursday, November 13, 2008

shooting at school/who has rights

i got to spend most of my morning at the car dealership having some belts replaced on my car,they were getting a little worn.while waiting i read an article about this 14 year old boy in California who was shot in class for being gay. now i know this is an on going issue but there is more to this story.this child named Larry attended a California middle school where he told every one he was openly gay.he dressed like a girl and even started to wear high heels and make up. when some of the teachers complained the vice principal,who is also gay, sent a memo around to tell the teachers this was a hands off situation and he was allowed to act on these impulses since it would be considered against his rights to be restricted according to California laws.
this child was blatantly outlandish going over to the jocks from the sports team and asking them if they "would like some of him" the vice principle was not only counseling him but may have been encouraging his extreme openness.
one day Larry showed up at school dressed like every other boy and seemed very nerveous,the class was held in the computer room that day so they could finish working on their reports about world war 2. the child who shot him was sitting around his area and was allowed to read a book saying that he already finished his report at home. at some point this child got up put a gun to Larry's head and shot him, the teacher said "what the hell are you doing?" and the kid shot Larry again. the trial has not come to court yet.
all i have to say is "what is going on in these schools?" how can you see such confusion in a child and go along with it and possibly encourage it.
the administration at this school should all be fired and the vice principal should be stripped and bared from ever teaching again.i have no problem with people being gay but i do have a problem when schools see an out right problem and turn their backs on it.freedom is fine when your an adult but when your 14 or 15 years old you need to be taught about what is appropriate behavior. if you don't learn has a child about boundaries you will never know them has an adult.
both of these boys came from troubled homes and were failing terribly in school why do we pay taxes for counselors and teachers if every one sees multiple problems and feels they have no control.if you has the adult have no control then who does? these kids were crying out for help instead of getting what they needed they got a school who was more concerned with gay rights and personal agendas then with helping them. this school system failed and every one should be held accountable the parents,the teachers and the admimistration not just the kid sitting in jail waiting to be tried for murder.
once again i say were have all our morals gone?

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