Wednesday, November 5, 2008

the next day

Well here we are with our new president for better or worse were all in this together.Hopefully we voted this person in because we think he will be a good president and not because we want to make history with his being black.
While at work today i have heard many people say they are glad Obama got in because it's history one said anything about the economy,the division of parties or the war, just because it has made them a part of history.
Last night i did not watch the election coverage knowing my candidate would not win there seemed no real reason to watch it. i prayed that we had all made the correct decision and that no matter how this effects my life in the end i made the choice i thought was right. Now we can all move on with our every day lives.
there are just certain things in life you have no control over you do what you think is the right thing then hope for the best.not wanting to be sore looser let me just say good luck to the new president and all the new representatives both house and senate. But just remember if in 4 years things are still a mess it may be our turn back up at bat again.

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Laura said...

I didn't find myself celebrating either. We still do not know this man, except that he is a super liberal. Of course, united we will stand behind our new president, and pray for his success. He won fair and square. One step at a time, much needs to be done, we shall see.