Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Rapture.. May 21,2011 ?

The end of the world is coming!..we'll at least that's what I've heard.
Seems May 21,2011 is the day of rapture when 144,000 people will be brought up into the heavens and the rest of us will remain here wondering what just happened.
Now out of all the billions of people living in the world 144,000 seems like an awful small minority to me.
Kind of like going to the casino and winning the really big jack pot.. you know the one that if you stay at the casino for 10 hours the numbers just keep adding up.
With that said,I am not getting my hopes up to high that I will be one of those people,so I guess my life goes on just as it should with the thought of continuing to work on my spiritual life a little every day and most likely each day will bring me one step closer to my own judgement day.
The Orthodox Church is not a believer of the rapture and since they don't believe neither do I,seems like they've been studying this whole religious thing since the times of the apostles and they have a better knowledge of this whole rapture thing then I do.
On the day that God decided to create what we now call Earth,he did not take the time to ask me what my opinion was on creation and how he was to carry it out,now that the end may be near,I'm thinking he's not concerned about my ideas on how to call it quits.
We all think we're so important that God him self would care to inform us of his plans.
Funny since the time of the early Christian Church,people have been trying to tell us when the world will end.
See the issue is even Jesus said he didn't know the day of judgement and since Jesus was not allowed such privileged information why would any mortal man,or woman think they would be better advised.
Our job here on this planet is not to worry or wonder about such things,but just be spiritually ready every day like the watchman before the dawn.
We are to love our God and our neighbor,everything else remains in God hands.
With that said if all works out,and I'm sure it will,I'll see you on may 22nd and we can all have a nice Sunday here on this side.
But if it doesn't ..well silly me guess I was wrong..wouldn't be the first time..

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