Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Being Judgemental

The other day while flipping through the channels I came across an interviewer,who is known to be very liberal in her opinions,she was interviewing Chaz Bono formally know as Chastity Bono.
Seems he has had all the things done to her to now make her a him and he has written a book about his experiences.
Chaz mother,Cher is none to happy with this transformation and his mother is having a hard time dealing with this whole thing.
The interviewer said "I don't understand how some one like your mother could treat you the way she does,I mean hasn't she always been around gay people like fashion designers,make up and costume people? Why should she be so upset about your being gay?"
I have to hand it to Chaz his reply,in a most loving tone of voice,was "She's my mother."
I always find it funny how people who claim to be so liberal about others and their short comings are only understanding toward the short falls of those they agree with not the ones they don't.
For example this same interviewer could not understand why Donald Trumps daughter would convert and become an Orthodox Jew in order to marry her husband.
She went on to say "I can't understand why anyone would change their religion for another person,I would never do that."
You know we are all suppose to be understanding toward everyone not just the people we agree with.
The world is made up of all different kinds of people with all different kinds of personalities and lifestyles,although we may not sanction what they do,we are not to be judgemental or cruel toward anyone,be it by our words or actions.
Jesus never hated,or ridiculed the marginalized.
He understood that even when someone was living a lifestyle not conducive to the ways of his father,that did not make them a bad person,it made them confused.
That was why so many people were drawn to Jesus,he understood we all fall short of the mark,in other words we sin.
He never got upset with those who did not know better but he did get upset with those who did,like the Pharisees,or religious leaders of the day, who felt they were better then those around them and said so by their words and actions.
Jesus was our example of how to love all people
How you judge others will be how you will be judged and those of us who call ourselves Christians,will be judged in this fashion because we,like the Pharisees, know better.

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