Monday, May 30, 2011

Marquette University Extended Health Care Benefits For Same-Sex Domestic Partnerships

Marquette University has announced that,beginning next year,it will extend health benefits to same sex domestic partners.University spokeswoman Kate Venne said the extension is contingent upon domestic partners registering their status with the Milwaukee County clerk's office.The county started registering same-sex couples as domestic partners last year.
Venne said there are currently 13 other Jesuit Colleges and universities that offer benefits to same-sex partners..
Article in the St. Anthony Messenger..June 2011
I thought this went against Catholic Teachings?
Not sure what message they are trying to send but isn't a Catholic College suppose to adhere to Catholic Teachings?
Maybe I'm wrong?
Wouldn't be the first time.

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Joanna Phillips said...

Once again people are picking and choosing aspects of Christianity and the Bible to create their own little shelf god that they can live with. (Please note the sarcasm). The fact is, it's tough to love like Jesus. We can't even come close. We can try, but just as you said...we all fall short. But, unlike certain...ahem...people...we should keep trying, not lower the bar just to the point before loving like Jesus becomes inconvenient.