Friday, May 27, 2011

Stereotype Attacks

Ed Shultz learned the hard way that just because you don't like what a woman says or does,does not give you the right to call her a derogatory name.
Welcome to the year 2011 and still we think calling a woman a slut,is alright,because we happen to disagree with her words or actions.
Mind you not her sexual actions but her physical and political determinations to be out spoken and heard.
Why is it this sort of behavior considered almost acceptable,especially when I'm not hearing any women's groups up in arms about this word.
I was born in the 50's and raised into the years of the 70's,when this sort of thing would have been denounced by both the young men and women of that time.
Women's Liberation was suppose to help educate and eradicate this sort of mistreatment of women making us equal in respect to men.
But alas when ever a woman is not soft spoken or quite they must be a slut.
Seems judging women on how they dress or act is alright,especially if the woman is an outspoken conservative,like a Sarah Palin.
Who by the way was referred to as a "slutty stewardess" among other things.
Are you outspoken? opinionated? and a female? then you must be a "bitch".
Several weeks ago a friend of mine asked me why so many women in the Bible are prostitutes,they don't seem to be given much respect.
This question struck home because I too also felt this way until I began to spend more time reading the words of Jesus and understood that women,at that time,were not treated well by there society and second Jesus loved the marginalized.
Weather or not these women were really prostitutes or just the strong out spoken women of their day is not clear,but what is clear is Jesus never used degrading terms when he spoke with them and he helped them see the best of themselves,in return these women where loyal followers who helped spread his words to others.
I reminded my friend that when Jesus was crucified women stood at the foot of his cross and when he rose from the dead women were the first to see him.
Hopefully in the future,with more women now going to college then men,this attitude of strong will and leadership will change over time,and we will find other terms to use when disagreements arise.
Sometimes just because something is in your brain does not mean it should be instantly allowed out of your mouth,especially when personal attacks are related to gender and stereotypes.

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