Monday, May 23, 2011

A Wedding Of Fate

It is believed in the Jewish faith that God is the ultimate match maker and until the moment is right we are pushed away from our future partners,then when all is in place,the hand of fate nudges us into position.
Yesterday was such a day.
12 years ago the nursing nursing home I worked for finished closing their doors and I was transferred to one of their other facilities.
At that time I was a nurses aid and came to work under a head nurse named Mary.
We both hit it off very well and soon began to confide in each other.
One day she told me how she was married to a Seven Days Adventist Teacher,had three grown children and spent most of her married life traveling with her husband from school to school,as they were in need of good teachers in their Adventist Schools System.
This constant transferring of her husband made married life difficult and with her children grown the idea of settling in one place grew greater in her heart.
Finlay the time came when they mutually agreed they could no longer live this life style together.
Mary wanted to just settle down and grow a garden,which she could watch expand and flourish year by year.
Since she had a married daughter living in Webster and there were job openings at the local nursing home,she decided to jump at the chance for stability.
We continued our conversation with her telling me she had just ended a long distant relationship with a Seven Days Adventist School Principle,whom she had been friends with for many years and was feeling a bit lonely now.
I jokingly said "Mary you seem to like school teachers,if your interested I have a brother in law who is a school teacher who just ended a bad marriage and although he's very shy,I think you'd like him."
She agreed and with in months they went on their first date and became inseparable, from then on.
Yesterday,after 11 years,they decided to tie the knot and become man and wife.
At a quite little restaurant in Pomfret,Conn.with Friends and family not only in attendance but in participation,they did just that
This is the first wedding I have ever attended where the bride and grooms' family were both on personal relationships with each other.
At the moment of saying "I do" and being made husband and wife an entire room of people became relatives,as if a satin bow of love had been tied around each and every one of us
Funny how life is,as I was talking to the brides daughter,I could feel the presence of the Holy Spirit,as if the warmth of the sunlight shining through the windows was falling down upon us and filling our hearts with completeness,like this was always meant to be,the time was right and the hand of fate was ready.
This family marriage ceremony started with Reverend Rice,a cousin of the bride,officiating,the organist,a granddaughter,playing the entrance music,the bride on the arm of her brother,soloist music by another granddaughter,gospile passage reading by the groom brother and the male attendents and brides maids all children of both future husband and wife.
It was truly a uniting and as we Orthodox and Seven Days Adventist stood together,side by side, it was as if the East was meeting the West to form an extended horizon through out time and space,from present to future.
The minister spoke of a day in history,May 22,1908,when a young bride named Mary married a dashing groom called William and these two were to become the present day grandparents of this particular Mary.
So congratulation to the new couple married May 22,2011 also named William and Mary.
Once again the hand of God,the ultimate match maker,has united another couple in love.

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