Monday, May 23, 2011

Being A Good Shepard

Those of us who belong to churches,understand the importance of a good pastor.
The person who chooses to lead a parish also knows that what they teach and say holds great weight in the minds of their congregation.
Many times in the Bible Jesus warns us to be cautious of the leaders we choose to follow,he tells us that the time will come when those we think are trusted leaders, acting like Shepard's,will really be wolves in sheep's clothing.
Jesus knew that there would always be so called religious leaders trying to mislead and scam those who want desperately to believe and lead a good life.
The world is a dark place and many are drawn to the light,but not all light is equal in brightness.
Followers want to believe that those who speak the words of God,speak truth,but some speak only their truth.
Just because someone preaches biblical words,in the front of a congregation does not mean they speak honestly.
We as church people,like any good consumer,need to be smart enough to know what goods are being sold to us.
To many leaders are out to enrich their lives not yours.
A preacher who lives a million dollar lifestyle and takes advantage of the trust and money of the poor,innocent or misguided of the world,will on the day of judgement, be called to answer,not only for their mismanagement but also for the loss of another person essence and spirit.
So how do you choose a good leader ?
First compare what you are being taught with what the Bible says,things taken out of context are only half truths.
Never be afraid to ask as many questions as you can,a good leader will always be willing to help you find truth or lead you in the right direction for your answers.
If you feel uncomfortable about what you are being taught or it doesn't sound Jesus like,then leave the church and rethink why your sitting in this particular church's pew.
A church should be a place of love and your minister or priest a spiritual leader,who encourages not only your religious growth but your soul's maturity.

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