Monday, June 6, 2011

The Good People

We live in a country where if you do something wrong you will be put in the newspapers,on TV and make the web,for weeks,months or even years,but what about the good people?
Last week a tornado hit the Massachusetts area running from Sturbridge up to Worcester.
Great losses were had by those people laying in its path.
Siding gone,roofs blown off and trees not only broken but some,literally twisted.
Although the media has covered this tragedy for several days it is still a reality for those who now have to face and live the loss everyday.
The scars do not just fill a person with a sense tragedy ,but also a sense of personal insecurity.
Though I have never been a part of such a bad weather occurrence I can only imagine the fear these people went through as storms rolled over their neighborhoods and into their houses.
How does a person ever face thunder or high winds again with out the events of this particular storm playing through ones mind and nervous system.
The media has missed those who are now reaching out to others,with their time and talent.
Carpenters,roofers,electricians and tree cutters,all donating what they have of themselves to others.
The donations are coming in for food and drink not only for man but pet alike.
Several teddy bears sit on the donation table at St. Michael Orthodox Church,holding out their soft fuzzy arms in comfort for any one willing to pick them up and give them a tight squeeze.
St. James says that faith with out works counts for nothing.
We live in a country of people whose ancestors came here with little to no material items or cash.
Though they had nothing to give they taught their children and grandchildren the importance of helping others in times of need.
Here in New England we get labeled for being cold and uncaring,but this is not true,we know when to assist and are some of the most generous people you will ever meet.
I've heard it said we should not call our selves a Christian nation,but when we live a Christian lifestyle,then show those around us the best of what Jesus taught us,we are at that moment,who we are meant to be.
Gandhi said if Christians lived their lives as Jesus taught then there would be no need for any other religion.
The Good people may go unnoticed by the media while the bad make the headlines but that's OK because the light always shines brightest in the darkest part of the night.

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