Saturday, March 5, 2011

Where Have All The Boys Gone

Today while watching the evening news the announcer pointed out a recent study that shows that fewer boys are attending college while the number of girls have vastly increased.
One must now ask where have all the boys gone from our higher educational systems?
When I was a child growing up,back in the 60's and 70's,most girls did not even consider going to college,we all wished to find that perfect man,get married and have children.
Going to college was something you did until you meet your Soul mate.
He on the other hand got the degrees then the good paying job,affording the whole family a comfortable life style.
If you has the wife decided to work outside the home,it was just to have some spending money or fill your time while the kids were in school.
I recently heard that today more women go to Medical School then men do.
Seems women have decided that having a job is just not good enough,now days you need a good paying professional career.
Well good for all those women who have the ability to not settle for working for low wages on poverty levels.
This study points out that when girls are young they are more able to speak and communicate at an earlier age then boys do.
Boys on the other hand have a more hyper lifestyle so things like sitting still and paying attention is just more difficult for them in a class room situation.
When I was a teenager girls were not encouraged in the math and science areas while boys had the upper hand in these subjects.
More teacher time was spent encouraging them to do well in these areas because it was assumed that someday they would marry,have a family and need to be able to support a wife and children on a professional persons pay scale.
Many young men at present only make it through high school then prefer to do more manual labor which unfortunately,in our present economy affords them little since many labor jobs are on the decline related to our decrease in housing and construction markets.
In our present economy more women are employed in the work world and many hold managerial positions,although they still do not earn as much money as men at a similar job.
I have a feeling that will change soon.
Our main problem at present seems to be how do we encourage boys to get back into the college world again and help them establish them selves back into the competitive world of education and professionalism?
Maybe the issue is some boys are being raised by strong,professional,single mothers and they see no reason to emulate her since they are boys,so taking second place and not trying to be more then what they feel is necessary seems to them the correct way,in their minds, for a man to act.

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