Saturday, March 5, 2011

Living On The Financial Edge

This week gas prices have gone up,so what else is new?
Gas is now almost $4.00 a gallon and the barrel price of crude oil is $102.00.
How are you financially?
I know many people teetering on the edge,only a pay check away from financial ruin.
Every dollar earmarked for food,rent,gas,electricity and so on.
It has been many years since I have had my own lights turned off and telephone disconnected.
Working at a minimum paying job with a baby in the house.
Divorced,alone and on a very fixed income.
Many was the month that I had to once again ask my mother for money to buy food or gas,feeling like a failure and wondering how I would get by.
Hard times hit us to show us how strong we can truly be and how when we are given much then much is expected from us to assist those around us.
Do you know someone in need?
I'll bet you do but you just don't know how bad off they are because they have not confided in you.
One day while at work one of my nurses aides told me she had called her mother,the day before because her husbands' unemployment check hadn't come in yet and now they would be down to two choices food or rent.
Her mother helped out until the check was received and the loan paid back.
Last month while at the movies with a nurse friend of mine,she told me how in November,when she was unable to work due to illness,she spoke to her supervisor about working on Thanksgiving Day.When her supervisor asked why she wanted to work when she could have the holiday off she told her "we have no money to buy a Thanksgiving meal so I may has well work,then the kids wont know why we're not have a traditional dinner."
Her Supervisor went out that day and bought her an entire turkey meal.
I have known my friend for a long time and at no time did I know things were that bad.
Take the time to care for the people you know,or don't know.
Times are only going to get harder and as oil prices rise so will food prices,gas prices and maybe even more lay offs,farther down the line.
You have two choices be greedy and worry only about you or reach out and really understand that its tough out there.
What little you have may be great in the eyes of someone who has less then you.


Karin said...

It is hugely challenging to live on the financial edge. Our son and family are in that position right now. Medical expenses for his wife and 3 children have gone through the roof. He moved his family back to Canada. His wife is an RN, but has been waiting for a Canadian work permit,in order to take the great job she's been offered. Our son is almost finished his Ph.D. studies and didn't want to leave PA, but felt it would be best to come back home. We are so thankful that even though we're not wealthy, we have been able to help them get on their feet. God is good!

My first visit here and I felt I should comment. I work in a nursing home and we have lived in Mass. years ago!

linda said...

glad to hear from a fellow nursing home personel.
thank God for mother helped me when times were tough, and my son,who was in the military for over 9 years now lives with us while he attends school full time because he can not find work.