Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Support From This Country

Seems our president has decided we need to join with the U.N.and enforce a no fly zone in Libya.
I find it very disrespectful that our leader should enter into an agreement with the United Nations but not have enough respect to go to Congress and the Senate to get their endorsement on this action.
As a mother who sent not only her only son,but her only child,to Iraq for a year,I can tell you we should not be in such a hurry to send other parents children to what may be an unwinable,long term issue.
I am not anti war but I am anti sending soldiers into dangerous areas,which by the way houses people who hate us,to assist in a no fly zone not even condoned by our representatives,who by the way were never asked.
Every war we have ever entered into,we did so with the belief that they would last no longer then 90 days,no one planned on the multiple years they actually ended up taking.
Libya and all its surrounding nations are areas caught on fire and our presence is not going to help them remain struggle free unless we make a long term commitment,which everyone seems to think will not happen.
The last war we followed France into,lead us into 8 years in Vietnam.
The French where smart enough to know they could not win,unfortunately John Kennedy then Lyndon Johnson,did not also see the writing on the wall and we spent years in a futile war which we ended up walking away from because we had no exit plan.
Yes we should always assist other nations in humanitarian assistance because we are a nation of much and are required to help those with less but we should not be in a hurry to bomb and kill others so we can be the enforcer to the world.
Before President Obama got into office,every day we had an American body count of each soldier killed in Iraq,now while in Afghanistan we seem not to have this same running count.
Just because the media doesn't give us the daily numbers does not mean we do not lose soldiers on a daily basis.
Maybe we have forgotten or become numb to the idea that we are killing our young people everyday in foreign lands.
This country should never be put in the position of entering even into a no fly zone situation, with out the support of the people or their representative.
Thank God my son did his time and came home safe but we should not so lightly throw other peoples children into harms way with out,at the very least having a plan to win,and at the very most the support of the people of this country.

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