Thursday, March 24, 2011

Nazi,Racist Whats In A Word

Maybe it's just me,but it seems lately when some people disagree with what others are saying or doing the word "racist" or "Nazi" rolls off their tongues like water over a fall.
The problem with continually using these terms,out of context and for the shock value of shutting another person up,is it diminishes what these words mean and how terrible they are.
Most times when we are in a dispute with others if it gets to the point of name calling we have just stepped over the line of clear knowledgeable debate to personal attacks and are now out of control and in a desperate need to win.
Most younger people seem not to understand the real context of these words.
When I was growing up all of my Uncles served in World War 2.
I was taught by them what a "Nazi" was and why it was so important to defend not only our country from them but also the world at large.
During the rise of Hitler the national social organization was brought to the fore front and used out of context by not only Hitler but his deluded followers,who were not socialist but really fascist,which most of the German people at that time,did not understand.
When Hitler and his group rose to power they showed who they really were.
Anti religious,anti Jewish,anti any body who did not follow their theories and were the wrong sorts of people.
No Blond hair,no blue eyes,then no use for you.
They believed in the deaths of those who were not what they considered part of the perfect race.
They wanted to over throw the world and march into Jerusalem and kill all the Jews.
They murdered at will and destroyed every ones lives who they considered a threat to their ideals.
This is a Nazi....
As a teenager the nightly evening news brought to my knowledge what and who a "racist" was.
Black American people being beaten with billy clubs,hosed with fire hoses and attacked by Police Dogs all because they did not fit into the southern mans white world.
How hard they fought in the south to be equal.
At that time a "racist" was some one who chose to keep the African Americans down and unequal to everyone else.
The Klu Klux Klan were part of this racist world, they hung black men,Jews and catholics,burned crosses on lawns in an attempt to frighten people into keeping the south segregated.
this is how I view a "Nazi" and a "racist".
To use these terms in ways for personal attacks over trivial matters,shows how much we have lost prospective of what these words really mean.
Choose your words carefully and understand their power.
To water them down makes them less then how horrible their meaning really is.
And they do have a horrible meaning.

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