Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Take The Challenge Buy American Made

Here's a challenge for you.
From March 4Th through April 4Th,for the next 30 days, try to buy only American manufactured things.
When grocery shopping turn cans or packages over to see which are made in this country and buy the ones stamped USA or America.
This has nothing to do with pro union workers this has everything to do with pro American Workers.
If your like me,you probably spend an awful lot of time complaining about how much food and goods we import from other countries.
We say it bothers us that China holds so much of our debt.
We feel we are getting second and third class inferior quality products from these foreign countries,yet we continue to purchase in mass quantities,their items.
Five years ago,after my mother passed away from colon cancer,I decided to always try to buy meat and produce that was organic grown containing no antibiotics,growth hormones or pesticides.
It takes me much longer to shop and sometimes we go with out certain meats or produce because I can not always find organic,but I have decided my health comes before my wallet or my desires.
Now I feel with the bad quality of imported food stuff and goods,it is time to also start seriously thinking about the economy of this country and how we can advance our nations betterment.
If your one of those who is waiting for the government to right the ills of our economy,forget it,they are just to deep in debt with the Chinese.
Besides many people forget that China is a human rights violator,so why are we putting them first before our own nation and helping to increase our dependency,we do have our own farmers who,by the way, need to sell their goods.
OK lets say for one month we all try to buy one American item,a week, rather then a foreign good.That would equal 4 items a month and you would be helping to make a difference between some who may be on the verge of possibly getting their hours cut or being laid off.
Lets be honest here do we really need to buy Mandarin oranges from China when a can of Dole oranges,made in the USA,sits on the same shelf right next to it,for a few cents more?
Whats a few cents,we spend more on useless junk in a day,then a few cents.
Are you interested in making an investment into our economy and maybe help some one keep their job?
Then,like me, step forward and for the next 30 days try to buy American made when ever possible.
A worker in a factory,possibly your own neighbor,will thank you for the extra hours he or she may be able to pick up this month from your simple purchases.


DanniBambi said...

Is it okay if I put a link to your blog post in my blog? I think we need to stop importing so much and start being a successful county and give Americans more jobs (instead of importing and driving costs up). It kind of seems like a no-brainer, huh?

Thank you for this article, and please let me know if I can quote and link your blog as a reference.

Thank you,

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