Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Walk The Walk

I have found that the closer I get to God the more people I begin to see in need.
How can this be? you may ask.
God has promised us that when we begin to love him and our fellow men we begin to notice things about them,our heart is made soft.
Suddenly we look into peoples faces and are caught up by their sadness,their weariness and their frustrations.
We no longer just look at people we now see them for who they are,just like us,but down and maybe a little bit out.
The more you do for others,total strangers,the more driven you become.
Suddenly God opens our eyes and hearts like a flood gate and we are almost overwhelmed by the number of people in need.
Today I listened to something very interesting.
This preacher was talking about carrying a bag or wallet especially to help others.
In it she talked about having gift cards for food,restaurants,clothes and so forth,to be given to those you notice in need.
She called it being a spy for God.
Not being asked for needs but being able to help those who are sad,tired and just fed up.
You may ask what can I do I have little?
It really takes very little and your reward will be great.
Don't be afraid to give some one a cup of coffee,your time,your patience,your understanding.
Do you know a mother with children,maybe she's alone or her spouse is out of work,how about a gift card to McDonald's? or the movies?
Say "you look tired,you look like you need a good smile here take this and you and your family have some fun,because God loves you and so do I."
As Christians you are called to help those in need.
You are a valuable person and you are God hands.
So instead of complaining about how bad the government is,the job situation,the cost of food, fuel and gas realize that some live on the edge of nothing and do something nice.
It doesn't have to be anything expensive,it could just be your time has a babysitter to a mom whose working two jobs and just needs to have some alone time.
Yes it may seem odd to you at first but you can do it now step up to the plate and make it happen.

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