Monday, March 28, 2011

Donating Food At The Grocery Store

At the start of this year I,like most people,made some resolutions but the one I am proudest of,and have followed through on,is my 10% grocery shopping rule.
Every week when I do my major food shopping,I make it a rule to spend 10% of my total bill on buying groceries then putting the food in a food bank basket in the store.
I have not only been able to help 2 local food banks but also a cat connection in Webster,Mass.
Now I know allot of people are unable to do something this drastic,related to their own food cost but since times are well for my family at this stage we are able to assist others in this way.
You may be asking what exactly you could do if you do not have the ability to spend much on helping others.Here are some ideas I have not only come up with but have also used to help me spread my same 10% dollars more abundantly.
Buy things that are a bogo(buy one,get one free)you can either give the free item to the food bank basket or you could give both of the items away.
Today I needed to buy a can of pie filling for a recipe and found a coupon for the item I needed and a free box of cake mix,which I donated.
Also I try to find items that if I buy one box or can of an item,I get the second box or can for a certain amount off.
While at the store I bought a box of instant potatoes and got the second box for $.55off thus giving both boxes to the food bank basket.
Many stores double or even triple a coupon,the item ends up costing only cents making you investment small but your donation great.
I check my weekly grocery sales paper,where I happen to be shopping and try to find the cheapest and most nutritious canned or boxed items and in this way I can spread my donation dollars on more items.
When you turn in your empty soda bottles or cans use the change you receive to buy a food item then donate it.
Remember if you are fortunate enough to be able to buy food every week then please be kind enough to think of another person and buy an item or two and add it to the food bank basket.
Anything you give allows one family to add to their meal,a can of string beans may seem small to you but it can be a greater gift then you realize.
Happy donating.

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