Monday, March 28, 2011

It's Lent Listen To Your Inner Voice...

This morning I got up around 8am and decided it was time to go have my fasting blood work done,since it has only been due for three months,today seemed like the day.
Now don't get me wrong its not that I hate having someone stick me in the arm with a needle,its just I have a tough time remembering when I get up in the morning not to drink coffee,before I remember to go to the hospital,just 10 minutes down the road.
This morning was the day so off to Hubbard Hospital I did go,only to spend 20 minutes registering then waiting in the lab for a two minute procedure.
Moments later happily trying to find my way out of this maze they call a hospital to the parking lot,which by the way is always on the opposite side of the building I just exited,I walked out,found my car and decided I should reward my self by stopping at Friendly's and having breakfast.
Funny Monday morning seems to be a popular time for this restaurant with most of its tables filled with hungry customers.
A nice older waitress came and seated me quickly bringing me my most anticipated cup of coffee.
As I awaited my stack of pancakes with pineapple topping,I watched this nice waitress who had seated me,rush around taking special care of each and every person at all these multiple tables,knowing just what everyone needed and answering each and every call,she was a pro like no other.
While finishing up my last bites of food I heard her talking to a customer near by,She said "we have to make the place look nice the big bosses are coming today."
Funny just that morning on my way to the hospital I was thinking about DPH and our yearly survey.
My how I hate those things,everyone running around trying to impress and make everything look right,and me always hoping to not be there for the med pass part.
So much pressure just to be deficiency free.
I finished my last few sips and she,being ever the professional,brought me my bill for $8.32.
When she handed me the small black folder, I caught a glimpse of her pretty,yet plain,silver cross around her neck and thought,how simple yet eye catching.
I began to dig through my wallet and came across a twenty dollar bill.Thinking I will do as I normally would,handing her the bill,awaiting for my change,then tipping her several dollars.
Feeling good and going about my day.
Suddenly a voice in my head said,leave the $20.00 bill there and walk out,why not give her a nice surprise and a lift to her day.
So with that I put the money in the black plastic folder,grabbed my coat and walked out the door,just imaging her delighted when she realized her tip was greater then the bill its self.A little happiness for what might have been a stress filled day.
It came to my mind,as I was driving to the grocery store,that Fr. Peter,my priest and spiritual advisor,had asked me what I had done that was different for Lent and at that time I could not think of anything to tell him.
But this is also part of Lent,it's not all about the fasting from food its the taking the time to do something different from your normal pattern.
I feel that sometimes God ask us to do things and that little voice we hear,like with the $20.00 is him saying "this is something different are you willing to do what you just got asked by me?,or are you going to second guess and just give the the normal,the minimal?"
Its my belief that we are a part of a bigger plan,that maybe the person on the receiving end is gaining more then we think we are giving.
It's Lent take the time to listen to that internal voice and do something different.
Answer the call.
Give to the food bank,be kind to another person.
Stop and take the time to be proud of your self,because when you do something nice for someone else you do something nice for you too.

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