Thursday, March 3, 2011

Guilt/Who Is To Blame

Who is to blame for the Crucifixion of Jesus Christ?
Was it the Jewish council,temple members,the Roman soldiers,how about Pontius Pilate or the gentiles in the crowd?
What about you? What about me?
Are Good religious people of today or yester day to blame?
Where do we put the load of shame?
Everybody? Nobody?
Today the BBC published an article by Pope Benedict stating that the Jews are not to be blamed because the entire Jewish nation was not there at the time so how can you blame an entire religion for what happened to Jesus.
So does that mean then we are all to blame,since were all God children?
Maybe yes but probably no.
Why you may ask,not.
Because God is not in the business of guilt or blame,he is in the business of love.
God sent his son to us to be the new Adam,to follow all the rules,that the old Adam did not and to show us how its done so we in turn could emulate him.
Guilt is not God's way it is mans way and the devils way,but not God's.
We are told that what is brought to God,in true repentance,is cast behind him.
He doesn't put it on his left or right side,because he does not want to have it constantly near us to be reminded of all the things we have done wrong thus making us relive our guilt over and over,just to taunt us.
God cast it away,out of sight behind him,He knows we are not perfect and we are going to make mistakes,he made us who we are and he knows our real nature,better then even we do.
You do not grow in life,or in grace,if you are afraid to make mistakes then spend the rest of you life reliving the shame.
In my mind to be held in constant guilt is to live in hell,not in heaven,so how can this be God like.
Jesus lived in a time where men of great prominence,be they religious or not,felt they were more important then whom they claimed to rule and believe in,much like today.
They forgot what the true meaning of loving God was all about and spent more time loving themselves and judging their brothers.
Jesus told the Pharisees that they put great loads on men's shoulders and when they stubble or fall they do not lend one finger to help them.
Sometimes people,be they clergy or not,forget the beauty of their garments do not reflect the same quality of beauty in their hearts,just has the crown on Pilate head did not reflect true justice.
Jesus talked of white washed head stones with dead mens decaying bones inside.
In the end we can all be counted to blame for the death of Jesus,but He was not sent here to burden us in shame,guilt or humiliations.He was put here to liberate us and teach us exactly how much His Father loved us,so much so that He would send his only beloved son into hell in order to bring us into heaven.
Shameful and undeserving as we may be.
Now that does not sound like a God who takes pleasure in our guilt's and failings.

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