Monday, December 20, 2010

Tis The Season To Be ..Stressed...

Today is December the 20Th and as of this day I am done Christmas shopping.
Now comes the hard part sorting,wrapping and giving.
Although December the 25Th always falls on December the 25Th,it just seems like it crept up on me again.
Now how did that happen?
To much stuff to do in one month,I feel as if my holiday running started three days before Thanksgiving and is only now starting to wind down.
Every year I vow I will start my holiday baking and decorating earlier so as not to be over taken by the Holiday Season,but alas no such luck another resolution broken.
This morning was a nice day I got to spend some quality,slow down time just talking with a friend and regaining my proper prospective of the holiday season.
Tomorrow I will be visiting my elderly Aunt and spending some time with her.
This time of year we spend so much time running and doing we forget the real reason for the season is to spend quite,value time with the people we love.Those we do not always get to see through out the year,but miss dearly and are now able to finally reconnect with.
To much stress and running around puts us in the position of being to tired to realize that slowing down is needed.
God sent us his own beloved son to teach us about peace on earth,which starts when there is peace in us.
We all have different Christmas traditions,started in our childhood.
Some of use got many gifts,some few.Some opened our presents orderly while others dug right in and ripped through everything like a pack of wild dogs devouring a dead caucus.
In the end when all the gifts were opened and the thank yous passed around,the most important part of our days were spent just talking,laughing,eating and maybe even playing board or card games with each other.
Whether we are a large or small group on this Holy day of Christmas we are all together so we can celebrate the joy of the baby Jesus,who chose to come into this world and bring us all peace,joy and love.

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