Friday, December 10, 2010

Invitation To Come In

Every practicing Jew has a small box on the front door frame of his house.In side the box is a parchment will several prescribed prayers written on it.
When entering the house a person is to touch the box to remind themselves that they are now home and when they enter their house they are entering their own private temple,they may now leave the rest of the world at the door step.
When I was growing up we always had a picture of Jesus on our kitchen wall and a crucifix in the parlor,with smaller versions in each bedroom and hall way.
In a sense just like the Jews of old,we were also inviting God to come and reside with us,in a very outward way.
In my own house we have two crosses in our parlor,three icons,one of Jesus,one of Mary and one of St.Victor and several christian type pictures of Jesus with a lamb.
In our bedroom we have about 5 pictures of Jesus that for what ever reason,just seemed to catch my eye and I find them very spiritual when I stop and look at them.
This may seem very overwhelming to most people,but the size of each picture varies so has not to seem over done.
In a sense we have also invited God into our home,even if we didn't realize it when we put these pictures up.
People who our not Catholic or Orthodox would probably consider such things to be idolatry,but they are not.
They are reminders to me that in order to have God centered in our everyday lives we need to have him around us in our every day temple,called home.
If we are not allowed the freedom we need to be able to see such things then how will we be reminded who to give thanks to for all we have around us in our homes and lives.
Families are the most important part of our lives.
We create our families because God created us and he knows we are not solitary beings.We are strengthened by the love we are given and give to each family member.
When I was young my mother had a picture of Jesus knocking at the door.He is not an intrusive God and we need to be polite enough to make it clear to him our home is truly his home,no knocking necessary.
An invitation to God to enter our homes shows him that we understand our most important place in this world and God is the real head of our families just has he is the real head of our churches.

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M.E. Masterson said...

This needs a "like" button. I beleive this is what is missing more and more in people's lives. Thank you for sharing!