Thursday, December 9, 2010

Jim Morrison: Maybe A Pardon

Let me start by saying happy belated birthday to the late Jim Morrison of the doors born December 8,1943.
Today in the news paper was a story of how the Governor of Florida is trying to get the votes needed form the Executive Clemency Board to pardon Jim for a 1969 indecent exposure conviction.
The Governor claims he doubts that Morrison exposed himself during a rowdy Miami concert on March first 1969.(the Govenor has more faith in Jim then I
Morrison left the United States to go to France,several years later,he overdosed and was found dead in a bath tub.
I must admit I do like most of Jim and the Doors music,yes he was a talented bad boy but so are many rock musicians once they hit their peak.
To much booze,to much drugs and no self control.
Morrison was a troubled rebel who had an obsession with death and the after life.
Once when he was a child he drove by an accident with his family and saw the bodies of some dead Indians,this stuck with him and it played in the back of his mind for the rest of his life.
Its hard to defend someone bent on killing them selves but I just happen to like the man and maybe his morbid curiosity of death is something that touches each and everyone of us in some secret way,like an Edgar Allen Poe story of the Makab.
We all wonder what it would be like to "break on through to the other side"not just emotionally or mentally but physically.
So with the vote hanging in the air I think "Jimbo",has my husband calls him,will get his pardon,but even so he will always be that bad wild man of music who left us some pretty great songs and some pretty bad ones as well.
Here's to you Jim,happy belated Birthday big guy,from one fire sign to another.

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