Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Anxiety Begins

Another great day to be alive.
After working the week end,today I have an entire day of things to do,not to mention meeting a nurse Friend of mine for our once a year lunch.
Yesterday while at work I realized it was December the 5Th and only 19 more shopping days til Christmas,not to mention all the other things crammed into my schedule,like figuring out when we will be celebrating Christmas with my family,since I'm working both Christmas and New Years.
Also lets not forget numerous parties to attend,a play,community meal and when oh when do I decorate,wrap,entertain..its a night mare.
But you know what a bigger night mare is when do I stop and just celebrate the birth of Christ.
It has come to my attention that spending so much time worrying about the world around me and all my plans that I forget to put God first and the rest second.
That all sounds very good in theory but this time of year becomes a challenge because to live in God means to put all the rush and worry in my life second.
This is not natural to our nature,we tend to see our lives through what we think are our personal but not spiritual needs.
I'm not sure how I will overcome my ever increasing anxiety and worries of how everything will get done around me but maybe its time to make a list and attempt one thing at a time so has not to overwhelm my mind and bring me more peace for the truly important things like prayer,scripture and just plain contemplation.
The world turns ever faster and we are here for so short a period of time let us try to keep our priorities in line with the real meaning of Christmas and a chance for true peace on earth,like peace within our minds and spirits.


M.E. Masterson said...

Take a deep breathe and say a prayer or two I always think saying a second prayer helps just in case I forgot something...and take it one day at a time...15 days until christmas!

linda said...

the second prayer is the real one,the first one is just cluttered garbble..thanks