Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Physical Today

Today was my yearly physical,I really need to schedule these things before the holidays.
Have you exercised,the man in the white coat ask? no,unless you call shopping,wrapping,cooking,cleaning and entertaining exercise..I have not.
Hows you eating habits? pretty bad doctor,unless you consider sugar part of the food pyramid,its pretty bad.
Hows your stress levels been? Your blood pressure is higher then I like.Doctor if you consider I have not stopped thinking about what I need to do next, every minute of everyday since November the 23rd and am running on pure adrenaline,part of mental relaxation,I guess that's not good either.
Well,the man tells me,you should consider walking or how about riding a bike,I love to ride mine.
Doctor unless you plan to put a plow in the front of my bike,I'm thinking that's not happening for me.
You know,he says,they sell these ski like things you can attach to the front of your bike,I'd get some myself if my wife would let me.
Doctor we need to get off the bikes,I see no reason to ride one in the summer so I guess the winter is off limits,in my mind anyways.
Did you have a good Christmas,was Santa good to you this year?
Yes,I tell him he was,but then my birthday is in late November and I sort of get one big gift from my Santa after my Birthday and before Christmas.
Really he says my wife was born in January she has the same issue.
Was your Holidays good? Yes I tell him,considering I worked them.
So anyways he says your blood pressure is higher then I'd like.
Me too.. Doctor... me too...

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Laura said...

LOL: He was just trying to strike up some conversation. They really have got to learn to relax. They give people the white coat syndrome.