Friday, December 10, 2010

Oh Christmas Tree,Our Christmas Tree..

My husband and I both like real Christmas Trees.
Coming down the stairs every morning with the smell of pine waffling through the parlor is almost like getting reacquainted with a long lost friend.
The years we have had artificial trees,although beautiful,just never truly feel like Christmas,something just seems missing.
Having a very small parlor does not allow for a very big tree,most real trees are all to wide and the last time we had a full size live tree, I had to literally trim all the branches with a saw,to make it fit in its selected spot.
Last year while looking through a magazine I came across a picture of a Christmas tree,about three feet tall sitting in an ice bucket on a table.
Eureka! our problem was solved and so began my search for an ice bucket.
After several days of looking from upscale stores to antique shops,it became clear to me that ice buckets were no linger in Vogue,Now what?
One day while wondering around T.J.Maxx,I came across a very lovely white ceramic trash can,which to my surprise worked out very nicely.
This year,with great confidence and no container issue,all I needed was to find a suitable tree.
Two days of searching,then stopping at Loews,there sat my perfect tree,a little small but the price range was acceptable and it just seemed "Right".
Best of all it had its own little plastic base,which I though would not only fit nicely into the awaiting ceramic stand,but add to its stability.
When I awoke on Friday morning I asked my husband if he could take a little off the bottom of the tree base,so has to allow the little fellow, to get water through out the holiday season,thus helping to keep it fresh.
With that problem out of my way I took my shower for my upcoming day's events.
Has I was dressing I heard a very odd noise coming from outside,the commotion seemed to get louder as I approached and opened the front door.
At the bottom of our steps stood my husband with a small prey bar in hand beating,the plastic stand into submission,trying to get the nail out of the tree base.
Pieces of red plastic flying in every direction and words unfitting for the Holiday Season coming out of his mouth.
When he regained his composer,he looked up and saw me,steering down at him from the top step,none to happy with his out burst.
He smiled and said,here's your tree,where do you want it?
Ah another year of interesting events with the tree.
Some years the lights don't work,the tree falls over,the most treasured bulbs break,this year a spike refused to relent.
Why do we torture our selves over a tree that sits in our homes for less then six weeks?
How many hours,combined with frustrations,do we spend in the end to achieve the perfect Christmas Tree?
What is it about this piece of nature,that when lite up,brings us such joy?
The happiness we gain by simply sitting near it drinking our hot chocolate,watching the lights twinkle,remembering all our special ornaments,has the quite winter evening envelopes us with peace.
Before we know it,sadness fills us as the Christmas season ends and we dismantle and put it all away.
Like the departure of a comforting friend,whose visit leaves us some what sad and a bit lost.
Another love/hate relationship draws to a close only to reappear again next December.

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