Thursday, December 23, 2010

Not Standing For The Pledge Of Allegiance

This morning while watching the news,there was an interview with a Massachusetts school official who,after 7 years,has sent letters home with his students for permission from their parents to allow them to say the pledge of allegiance in class.
The official said that he wanted to reinstate the practice of pledging but since he did not want to offend any one he decided to send slips home,for permission first.
He said that at present even some of the teachers do not choose to do this pledge so they also do not stand up.
All right here's the thing in my mind,if you choose not to recite the pledge fine,but a teacher,should at the very least,stand up.
Funny how these same people who do not respect our flag have no problem cashing their pay checks or accepting vacation and holiday paid time off,provided for by both state and Federal funds,whose flag you are being asked to respect.
If you are so disrespectful to the country that employs you and pays your health insurance maybe its time to find a job in the private sector,who by the way,will require a lot more from you then to simply pledge a flag and will have no problem firing you for disrespecting their corporation.
To not respect the flag is to also not respect all those who died in wars so you could have the right to "not stand up" because of your so called freedom.

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