Tuesday, December 7, 2010

A Nation Of Schizophrenics

We are a nation of schizophrenics.
On the one hand we all want to be rich and live the good life and on the other hand we profess to hate the wealthy because they are to rich,to powerful and to greedy.
I can tell you for a fact that I don't know anyone,who if you offered them ten million dollars,at this moment, would not take the money and run.
Not to mention buy every greedy piece of merchandise they could put their hands on.
A big house,new vehicles maybe a boat and all kinds of electrical gadgets.
Today the news was covered with all the reasons why the president should not have caved into the demands that the tax cut on all Americans,including the wealthy,should have stayed in place.
We are in a bad state of affairs right now and if keeping the tax credits the way they are helps rich people decide to hire poor people,then I say go for it.
Although I have to say that I,in some small respect, feel sorry for the president's need to agree and go along,I do not like him calling fellow Americans terrorist,especially when he wont even use that term on the real terrorist.
The one thing I have learned has I've gotten older is all things do not sit in my hands and all decisions about how this country is run are also not up to me.
We can only help those with whom we come in contact,in our small part of the world were we live our lives on a day to day basis.
Much as I would love to solve all of Americas problems,it is not in my ability to do so and getting upset about it changes nothing.
What can I do in this small corner of Connecticut?
Feed the poor through my church's community meal,cloth the naked by donating jackets,mittens and hats to local charities,up lift those who are falling down in despair by listening and caring,buy and give toys to seasonal drives for those children who may not receive any gifts on Christmas morning and donate money to charities whom I feel are doing good work.
Has a Christian that is what I'm called to do and any dent I make in any part of the society that revolves in my direction is a job well done,something congress,the senate and the President don't really seem to be making many cross roads into.
I can not save the world but I can save the parts closest to me and in that way cause a wave through out the lives of those placed in my path.
Helping one person allows you to help an entire community,because when you do one good thing for one person it enables that person to help someone else and so it goes a ripple in a pond of stillness carried through an entire body of water.

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