Thursday, December 23, 2010

Christ Birth December The 25Th?

We are all raised to believe that Jesus was born on December the 25Th,but more then likely this was not true.
According to the gospel of Luke 2:8 "There were in the same country Shepard's living out in the fields,keeping watch over their flocks by night".
This in our present day minds does not seem like an issue.
What we do not understand is the reason the Shepard's were watching their sheep was because it was eweing time and they needed to guard the mothers and babies from wolves and predators.
Flocks usually give birth to the lambs in the spring time by December the flock would he housed in an enclosed field and possibly put in stables during the colder months.
Also according to the strict religious rules followed by Mary's Jewish sect,children were usually born in the months of March related to their rules on when possible conceptions could take place.
It is believed by some religious scholars that Jesus was probably born somewhere around March 18Th to March 28Th.
The date of December the 25Th was picked because at the times the pagan world celebrated winter solstice and there was no better way to play down the pagan beliefs at that time,then to play up a Christian aspect of the season.
So by rights we should be celebrating Jesus birth around the time of Lent and Easter,how confusing would that be?
One day you would say Merry Christmas and several days later you would be going through Lent and Easter.
Christ is born,oops sorry, Christ is dead,but wait Christ is risen..
Talk about bipolar.
I guess December the 25Th is pretty good choice after all.

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