Tuesday, May 4, 2010

The 4Th Of The Month

Being the wife of a landlord I have learned the importance of the first of the month,rent collection day,but now that I am with a retired person a new day crops up and that's the 4Th of the month.
Today I decided to get some mulch to put around my rose bush which I weeded and watered after we came home from Sunday Service.Now I know Sunday is a day of rest but since I took my shoes off and enjoyed sitting on the ground in the sunshine I figured this was not really work it was an excuse to be with brother sun.
Today I went off to my local Wal Mart store to get a bag of cedar mulch and check out all the flowers and out door patio sets.
I walked by the pharmacy to pick up some antihistamine,not only are the flowers in bloom but so are my allergies,and for some reason it seemed excessively crowded for a late Tuesday morning.
As I made my way over to my aisle of choice eyeing my find an elderly gentleman was talking very loudly to an employee about Ben gay and where he could locate it.The lady asked him several times if he wanted muscle rub to which he said "No Ben Gay" she then said "sir its right behind you" to which he thanked her and went on his way.
Once at my car I noticed there seemed to be a lot of grey haired people around me then I saw it the "elder bus" and realized "It Was The 4Th Of The Month".The day after the 3rd which is direct deposit day for all those of the retirement set.
I hurriedly got into my car,went home,put the mulch around my rose bush then proceeded upstairs to my husbands office and said "I am greatly disappointed in you"to which he said "what are you talking about?" I went on to tell him that this is the 4Th day of the month and he did not do his retired duty of going to Wal Marts and buying something.
He said "I have not even gone on line to check to see if the money was deposited into my account yet." I then explained that he could not use that as an excuse.
He said "Do you have a prescription you need filled cause I'll go right out and do that for you?"
No I said I do not but you at least need to go to the store and walk by the pharmacy just to make it look good.
Husbands you just have to tell them every thing.
Now to put my purchases away.There's that apricreme rub I knew I bought some....What...Well some one in this house as to up hold Senior standards...

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