Thursday, May 6, 2010

Imigration And Rules

When my husband family came from Macedonia to Ellis Island in the 1930's they not only had to prove who they were but also that they would not be a burden on this country system.
They needed proof of where they were to live,job potential and a person to meet them and prove they had a representative living here who would vouche for them.
They did not simply walk off the boat into this country.
They were physically and mentally examined then questioned.They needed to prove they spoke some English and had some form of education.
If they were unhealthy or unstable they were put back on the boat and sent home.
Back then we had rules of who could come here and who could not.
Now we want all the rules to be skipped and if we try to enforce them we are called racist.
I know that any one who would try to go through a desert,cut across a boarder and climb over razor wire is in bad need of a better country. Lets face it if things were good they would not risk life and limb to come here.
I also understand that the states that have to absorb all these people are in need of help.How much can states that are in tough times be expected to endure.
You need to do what is right for your citizens before you do what is right for the rest of the world.
Most people feel that the illegals are entitled to be here as a matter of fact Boston's mayor and his representatives have now made it clear that they will not even ask for you to show you are legal in order to get welfare,rent assistance and medical aid.Even if you come here unable to work and have multiple medical conditions you will be treated like every one else who has put into the system and is a citizen.
Many people are against what Arizona is doing they say they are racist and unfair but how fair is it if you have come to this country legally,you have jumped through all the hoops,paid the lawyers and will now be looking at being at the end of the line for citizenship for doing the right thing.
Why does the Federal Government make laws and when a state chooses to enforce them they will not back the state in their decisions? The Feds made the laws to begin with.
Seems to me the people who are suppose to be representing us and looking out for us are more concerned about future voters then present ones.
To me illegal immigration is slave labor.It allows laborers to work for almost no money,gives them no rights or recourse and allows companies to pay below minimum wage,fire as they please and work people to death if they choose.
Some say that the jobs the illegals do are jobs no one else would do.With over 10 percent unemployment and people starting to fall off the unemployment system many people would work at just about anything to feed their family and keep their homes.
Some say that if we did not have illegals the price of food and services would sky rocket because they are cheap labor.To which I say "Legal Slavery".
Just because people are desperate and disadvantaged does not mean they should be taken advantage of to prosper our economy,which at present,is not doing so well anyways.
If all the illegals became legal then there would be no more cheap labor and businesses would be forced to pay a fair wage for a fair days work.
We need to make laws and stick with them.I'm sorry if you feel that being asked to show papers to prove you are legally here is racist but in my mind it is no different then when my husband and I went to Macedonia 5 years ago and were asked to show our passports.
I understood that I was in another person country,not my own,and as such needed to do what was asked because I was their guest and could be put on a plane and sent home or worse yet sent to prison if that is what my host chose to do.
Both illegal and legal immigrants are in this country because they are guest and need to understand that we have laws that need to be followed.If this is unfair and racist well I'm sorry but this is the price you pay to be in a democracy with majority rule.

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