Monday, May 10, 2010

If You Can Use AnyThing Lord

"If you can use anything Lord you can use me,take my hands and my feet touch my heart Lord speak through me,if you can you use any thing Lord you can use me."
These are lines from a Christian hymn that I truly love and appreciate.
Sunday was the Gospel of a blind man.
When Jesus met him he made a paste of dirt and spit then rubbed it on the mans' eyes,he then told him to go to the river wash his eyes and sight would be given.
Fr.Peter says that this is the first time Jesus literally laid hands on some one and did something physical to bring about a healing .
The word Christian requires action some thing must be given with the hands.
St.Theresa has a prayer in which she says "Christ could not be here physically so instead he left you and me to be his hands and feet."
I have always felt that in order to touch another person and heal them we must first get out of our comfort zone and actually do something.
We are called to assist the sick,cloth the naked,feed the poor and destitute and just listen to each others injuries and whoas.
If you want to make a friend with someone be interested in what they have to say,even if at that moment your not.
I once read a book about a minister who decided in order to help his church grow he needed to take his people out in groups and find out what the neighbors in town needed and tried to meet their needs.
They repaired windows,painted houses and fences,spent time on Christmas Eve with those who had to work,did car washes and just plan tried to be good neighbors.
"Christ in action not just in words."
Now I know most people are tired and busy at the end of the day or week but if you can find something you love and share it with others you are assisting in a hands on way.
"More walk less talk",so to speak.
Most people do not realize that it doesn't take the big act but multiple little ones to bring peace to others.
Its easy to get upset and feel overwhelmed but when you help another person you can feel a sense of this is what its all suppose to be about.
If helping and giving were not God way then why would we feel so good each time we did something for some one else?
Helping others is God golden rule and in turn people may become loyal to you and your church and if nothing else they will get a true understanding of what a real true christian church and group is all about.

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Laura said...

That's a great song, I keep it on my face book messages, and play it on occasion.