Saturday, May 15, 2010

Children and Values

Today while watching the news they were talking about some little girls who belonged to a dance class and were dancing in two piece outfits.The dance was modeled after a 27 year old singers dance moves and I must say she had a more Conservative outfit on then these 5 and 7 year old children.
When asked what the little girls thought they said they saw nothing wrong with what they were doing and some of their parents agreed.
Now you can not expect little children to understand what is racy and what is not especially when this is what children see all around them daily.They just want to imitate and be like the grown ups.
Many people will say that this is the fault of the parents for not stepping forward and saying "no this is not tolerable" or "this is a small child and I will not exploit her in this way".
But you know you can not blame people for what they them selves as parents have not learned when they were also little.If you do not understand that something is not right how can you be expected to teach your children these things?
When I was growing up my parents were conservative,we attended church,had dress codes at school and watched innocent programs that helped instill values .
Now days none of these things exist.
For all our liberation we have become a very sex oriented society,so much so that when little girls dance like 27 year olds,we turn a blind eye to it and say its cute or they wear less clothes then that at the beach.
You know to me its not the outfit that bothers me its the strutting around like a pole dancer when your a 5 year old.
Children need to be children and even if you feel the play they are doing is innocent it is not,especially when its encouraged by adult,When a person becomes 14 or 16 the things they learn when they are 5 help mold their values and choices,it gives them directions when they encounter sexual situations.
I always hate it when girls think the only way they are valued is by how sexy and sleazy they look and act.Things like this put girls in the position of having babies when they are not ready and dealing with boyfriends who walk away leaving them in a train wreck situation.
Its important when our children are little,especially our girls,that we teach them they have minds and abilities and that having a great body and being appealing to men is not all there is to our lives.
Our children are our futures but we don't have much of a future if we don't teach them to use their potential and be more then an easy sex partner.

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