Sunday, May 2, 2010

Pay Attention

Most Sundays that I attend service I never expect to really get much out of it and am always pleasantly surprised at the things that will jump out at me even when I think I'm not really paying attention.
Well today was no different.
It seems most of the first part of the service was spent with me trying to clear my mind and listen to what was being said.All the disturbances and noise had thoughts swirling through my head when suddenly John started to read the Gosple and said:
That in the days of the Old Testiment when scrafices were offered for sin the blood was taken out side of the temple to be burned because it was a sin offering and not pure.
Suddenly I remembered reading about that from the laws of Moses.
Then John went on to read that Jesus was crucified out side the temple away from the gates because Jesus took on our sins of man,like the lamb,and his blood had to be away from the temple because it was considered blood of sin.
Of course I'm paraphrasing here but you get the idea.
Funny this seemed like,as Fr.Peter would say,a light bulb aahah moment.
At that point this seemed very important to me and suddenly I saw the connection between these two events and said to myself "how does one not believe here it is all laid out."
I never know what will suddenly strick me as a truth moment and why this just seemed so important to me.I'm not sure but when it jumps out its hard to ignore.
For what ever reason this needed to be made known to me and hopefully I will figure it out.Maybe its just God way of saying "see now pay attention" or maybe not....

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Laura said...

Believe it or not, I thought I was the only one who had that Aha moment. Apparently we both had it at the same time. Strange but true.