Thursday, May 20, 2010

Toeing The Line

The problem with most "religious people" is they tend to forget that those who are not yet saved,so to speak,are expected to toe the line as we feel they should,you know "follow the rules" and say "the right thing."
Most people who have not spent much time in a church situation think that religious people are just that "religious" and they feel no love or want from the so called Christians because these new people don't understand how to "toe the line".
Most new people to the faith are like little children who have not yet figured it all out but are being expected to act as if they have been touched by God and the church for many years.It's like giving a three year old a car and being shocked and angry because they don't know how to drive or take care of it.
Being new to something requires patience on the part of those who claim to have an understanding of the rules.
I heard a story today of a minister who went shopping with a very out growing Christian.When they entered the store the clerk was swearing up a blue storm.
The christian went to the clerk and said "have you been saved?" to which the clerk in full profanity said she had.
When the minister got to the counter the clerk once again began to swear and the minister leaned toward her and said "how can you say you are saved when your swearing like that?"
The clerk said "well I'm sure God swears every now and then."
The minister pointed her finger at the clerk and feeling she was defending God said "He most certainly does not."
the christian intervened and added "But God loves those who do."
The minister said it was at that point she realized she was trying to clean the fish before it was caught.
You know we're not better because we claim to have a life in Christ and as such we are required to be patient with those who are trying to be something they have no practice at but are trying.
This minister went on to say allot of us don't really want new people in our churches because it would require us to be uncomfortable around people we are not used to.
People who smell bad,curse,sin and all those other things which we Christians can not tolerate because we're so much better then the rest,or so we think.
You can't clean your fish before you catch them and you can not throw stones at those who disagree with us,especially when they have not had a real relationship with faith.
There is a song and one of the lines in the song says "before you throw a stone at someone you could save,remember it could have been me."
We need to understand that the whole world doesn't spin in our direction and we as Christians are called to be non judgemental because I'm told that how we judge others will be how we will be judged.

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