Thursday, May 6, 2010

National Day Of Prayer

This morning after going to the hairdressers I went to the grocery store in Webster and bought three balloons,one red,one white and one blue.
I then went to three locations in my town and affixed a note to each balloon which said "Today is May 6th the national day of prayer and although a judge in WA. state says this is unconstitutional,I would like you to know that I prayed for not only our nation but also for you.Even if you do not have any religion or believe in a greater power.I just want you to know that you were thought of today and I prayed for you."
I got out of my car at each location prayed the our father,the Jesus prayer,and said a few words to God about our country,our family,our lives and those around the world who are in need of prayer and peace.
After a few moments of silent prayer I let a balloon go then traveled to my next destination.
To me it seemed very important to take some time and pray for our country and our world and although I know people who feel this day is not important I think any time we have an opportunity to show the secular world we believe what we preach then we need to grasp onto it.
We need to never throw these moments away and I firmly hope that at least one of my three notes will make it to someone in need.
Maybe this simple card will help someone through a moment of despair,disbelief or pain.
Maybe this will bring a smile to someones face or peace to their day.
God bless this country and all it stands for and God bless his people.May our leaders remeber the good of the people and not the good of their party affiliations.May we as a country be united for the good of each other and not just our selfish needs and desires..


Laura said...

Do we really need our nation to tell us to do what we already do each and every day. That is: pray for our Nation and one another? Maybe having a date for prayer will cause someone to remember that prayer is still okay to do in this country. Better yet, they should then have a National prayer day on each and every Sunday, and remember that it still the Lord's Day.

linda said...

one step at a time I think.once a year, may be in some peoples cases, the only time they pray.
Anyways it doesn't hurt to remind and encourage people that its alright to pray in this country.linda