Sunday, June 12, 2011

Family Reunion

Yesterday started with a service of Saturday of Souls,which was very fitting because after Liturgy we attended a family reunion and my uncle's 85Th birthday party.
To say my family as shrunk would be an understatement.
In a two year period we lost about 9 people and not just the elderly relatives.
Families are very important,its good to look back on who you were and what you have become.
Luckily for us we have no relatives in jail,at present
We have all turned out rather well,we hold jobs,have some education and most have families.
Some of us are parents and most are grandparents.
I believe our own grandparents would have been proud of us,we all established the American dream of life,liberty and the pursuit of happiness.
Growing up we were a close knit group,spending most of our Sundays in the Summer at my parents cottage.
Swimming,marshmallow toasting,bar be queuing and watching the Lawrence Welk show in the evening,before making our way back home.
Now we have very little contact with each other,although Face book has helped to reconnect some of us.
All in all we have mostly had good lives,though bumps and pot holes in the personal road of life was inevitable.
Hopefully next year we can do this party again and maybe convince more of our relative to come and join us.
Next time we'll pull out my fathers 8mm films,now that will be worth a laugh.

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