Thursday, June 16, 2011

Natural Peace

The nice thing about this time of year is it's warm enough to do yard work but cool enough to enjoy the nature that surrounds us.
The flowers in bloom,the birds and butterflies are everywhere,all that is required of you the viewer,is to sit quietly and watch in wonder as Mother Nature preforms her magic all around.
Thursday afternoon our Church had its biweekly Community Meal.
As the supper was winding down several of us went outside to sit at the table on the deck.
It was a lovely evening to be with each other,recounting our days' events,while the birds came to pick at the newly filled feeders,in the near by flower gardens.
The warm breeze around us and the brightness of our laughter,helped bring a glow equal to that of the soft setting sun.
Roses and flowers everywhere with smells filling ones senses only adding to the enjoyment of our shared evening meal.
It's not hard to feel close to God when nature and fellowship are blended together all around you.
Most people think "church" requires a building with repeated prayers but just enjoying each others company,able to embrace happiness and joy,is as much fellowship to the soul as Liturgy.
Becoming one with the things around us causes us to become one with God himself.
Most people do not realize that what you fill your senses with is what you become.
Some say watching violence,listening to harsh language or seeing things that are not good make no impression on us.
But I remember hearing to a female minister who said "what enters through the brain,goes into the heart then comes out of the mouth."
When peace fills our senses,it also fills our being and makes us better then we thought we could be.
In the Bible Jesus talks about giving and leaving us his peace,I think an evening such as this is exactly what he had in mind.

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